About the Library 

HOURS: Monday – Friday 7:15 AM – 4:00 PM


STAFF: Tim Douglas, TSA Curriculum & Innovation

             Cindy Boyd, Library Technician


CIRCULATION: Books: 3 weeks. Videos: overnight. Maximum: 3 items at a time per person. A 4th item may be checked out with permission.


SERVICES: 52 Computer Stations in the Main Library Area. 40 Computer Stations in the Library Annex (Word Processing and Internet). Printing: black ink- no charge for school assignments. Color ink- .50/page. Copy Machine -no charge school                  assignments only. 

Library Rules
  • Have an educational purpose for visiting the library. We want you to use this as a place to learn and ask that you conduct social business elsewhere.

  • The library is a classroom environment. Be respectful and courteous to everyone in the library at all times.


  • Use the school district’s guidelines and policies for responsible use of technology and the Internet. You must display your current CHS ID with Internet Permission sticker to use the Internet independently (when you are not in the library with a class).

  • You must present your current CHS ID card to check out materials. We cannot make exceptions to this rule

  • When your library materials are late, we will send you a notice through your second period class. If you feel there is a problem, see us immediately.

  • If you have library obligations, you will not be able to check out materials until your obligations are cleared.

  • You are responsible for paying for any lost, stolen, or damaged materials checked out under your ID number. We advise you not to check out books for friends.

  • You are responsible for taking care of the materials checked out to you. Fees for damages are as follows:​

  • Rebinding fee: $8

  • Library materials: Cost to replace the item

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